Jason Reads The Hunger Games

I'm reading The Hunger Games Trilogy for the first time. Laugh at my naivety.
~ Tuesday, February 21 ~

Anonymous said: I totally understand why you decided to just read the entire thing... I've been impressed that you've been able to read just one chapter at a time as long as you did.. I personally read the whole series in five days ;) just one question, you've made me crack up so many times with your comments.. is there a posibility you hav a personal tumblr I can follow?? (maybe you've already answered this and I have missed it)

Thank you so much for understanding. I would have probably had an easier time with it if Suzanne Collins didn’t end EVERY ONE of her chapters with a cliffhanger!

And I am flattered that you enjoy my nonsense, haha. I haven’t given out my personal tumblr (except when I answered messages privately, since this is a secondary blog to it), because when I had first started out, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

But here it is! There isn’t much Hunger Games there at the moment because until last night (when I finished Mockingjay) I’d been avoiding any spoilers. Enjoy!